Research & Development

Our Engineering, Design and R & D team constantly strive to improve the quality of our products. It is our endeavor to manufacture products using raw and advanced materials, and using the most ultramodern technologies. Our customer-centric approach to provide solutions for every need has also propelled us to manufacture more and widen our product range. This has made us more relevant in a competitive world.

The Technology we use has not just benefited us and also the Customer needs. It is aimed to give high quality performance of our products for its apt application needs and thus giving us the satisfaction of being able to provide customer more than what just they want.

Our Design Skill

Better design for a better world has been our mantra for a long time. We believe that this mantra can set us apart in an overcrowded market and give us a firm foothold for various Material Handling needs.

Our design team is always ready to explore new avenues of product designing and innovation, for which it is equipped with the latest software, knowledge &expertise. We are confident of our multi-disciplinary team of Design Engineers and Designers to work in concert to come up with never-before creative and result-oriented solutions.

We are also in tie-ups with professional prototyping specialists who help us making prototypes quickly, based on our client’s needs.

All in all, we are there for you, whatever your needs, wherever they may lie.

After-Sales Spares/Parts

At Canara Docks Lifts Pvt. Ltd., we are extremely conscious about offering efficient service to keep our client’s equipments working and consequently lowering service costs.

Our commitment to complete customer satisfaction goes all across the nation, and is backed by our Company's commitment to provide all the necessary service support quickly and efficiently. This is the great advantage a Customer would get when they become our client.

What to expect from our Material Handling Service Solutions:

  • We provide cost-effective annual maintenance contracts customized to each customer's specific needs. We also provide the most utilization at the least cost.
  • Our technicians are trained to handle the entire range of equipment we manufacture.
  • We supply genuine spare parts at competitive prices straight from our Company so that you get the total range of comprehensive service from us and are able to maximize the life of your equipment.

We are constantly looking for better ways to serve you.

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